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Bring sites starting to be removed across the borough

  • Glass Recycling

The process to remove bring sites across Charnwood has started in a move which will save taxpayers around £20,000 a year.

The Council announced plans earlier in the year to remove 79 glass and aluminium recycling banks at a number of locations. The recycling banks are no longer necessary as the materials can be recycled in the Council’s kerbside scheme.

A number of recycling banks have already been removed and the rest will be taken away throughout September and October.

The plans do not affect charity recycling banks which often collect clothing, shoes and books or the household waste and recycling sites operated by the county council.

The move will leave 34 bring sites with recycling banks for textiles, glass and some other items.

Matt Bradford, head of cleansing and open spaces at the Council, said: “The reality of the situation is these recycling banks simply duplicate the kerbside recycling service so we are confident there will not be any impact on recycling levels in the borough.

“To retain them means using taxpayers’ money to pay for something we do not really need and they were introduced 20 or 30 years ago when council recycling services were much more limited.”

Residents can request bags to put extra recycling in if necessary from the Council website.

The schedule of when the remaining banks are planned to be removed can be found on the Council website.