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Loughborough students encouraged to #THINKcommunity this academic year

  • Council Police and University Representatives

Students are being encouraged to think about their local community at the start of a new term in Loughborough.

Charnwood Borough Council, Loughborough Police and Loughborough University are working in partnership once again to urge new and returning students to #THINKcommunity, #THINKsafe and #THINKbins as the new term gets underway.

Police, council officers and university staff will visit hundreds of properties in Loughborough on October 2 and 3 armed with information packs which focus on the three main THINK messages.

Cllr Deborah Taylor, lead member for communities, safety and wellbeing said: “We’re proud to be a university town and want to ensure both new and returning students are part of their local community.

“Moving to a new area can be daunting and there’s a lot of information to take on board. We hope by visiting students, we can answer any questions they have about living in Loughborough.

“We also want students to understand they are moving into residential areas and to be considerate to their neighbours during their time living here.”

The team will launch the campaign on the Kingfisher Estate in Loughborough and will be offering students advice and tips on personal and property security and how to be a good neighbour.

It’s often small actions such as putting the bins out on time and taking them back in again, considering how noisy you are and making sure you are not making yourself or your property vulnerable.

These things can make a significant difference between having a great experience living in the community and having a stressful one. 

Loughborough MP Nicky Morgan is supporting the campaign and will be dropping by during the week to see how the visits are going. She said “It’s always a pleasure to welcome new students to Loughborough and I very much hope this year’s freshers enjoy their years in our great town.

“Of course I would urge every student to stay safe during their time here at Loughborough; but also take the opportunity to remind first years and those returning after a summer break that we are a community of academia and local residents too.

“We’re proud of how we all get on together in Loughborough and I’m sure that, with mutual respect and consideration, we will continue to do so throughout the coming academic year.”

Jenny Ardley, Loughborough University community warden said: “The university is delighted to be working with its local partners in this joint effort to ensure students are given the support they need at the start of term.

"We very much hope that local residents will join in and support students so that they quickly understand what it involves and means being part of the community in Loughborough.”

PC Charlotte Dickens said, Loughborough Police beat officer for the university said: “We’re looking forward to greeting new students to the town as well as those returning to complete their studies and will be attending freshers’ week and hall talks to ensure they settle into the new academic year and get the relevant advice and support they need.

“Our aim, as always, is to ensure their safety and that they and local residents live happily side by side.”

The borough council, Loughborough University community warden team and Loughborough Police will be door-knocking between 1-7pm on Tuesday, October 2 and Wednesday, October 3.The hash tags #THINKcommunity,  #THINKsafe and #THINKbins will be used on social media throughout the year, along with advice and information for students.

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