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Don’t Muck Around – Wheel ‘em in!

  • Don't Muck Around 2018

Wheel ‘em in – that’s the message for the borough council’s Don’t Muck Around campaign this year.

The Council is encouraging people to get their wheelie bins off the streets in Loughborough to make sure paths and pavements look smart and tidy and are free of obstructions.

If bins are left out for longer than 24 hours after collection, then the Council can give out advice and ultimately issue fines of £60 to people.

As part of the Don’t Muck Around campaign, the Council will be door-knocking in frequently complained about areas of town and talking to residents about the issue.

Cllr Margaret Smidowicz, lead member for regulatory services, said: “While it may seem like a minor issue to some, for many people it is an annoyance and it can lead to greater problems.

“From experience we know that if you leave a wheelie bin out for too long, it can attract more litter. It also looks unsightly and for visually impaired people it is yet another hazard in the street.

“We also know that for some people they cannot simply put the bin around the back due to the nature of their homes. However, there is usually somewhere it should go and if there are genuine issues we can grant exemptions.

“While some streets where there are noticeable problems are occupied by students, there are issues in other areas of the borough as well.

“What’s important is to consider others and the message is simple, once your bin has been emptied – please wheel them in!.”

Street wardens will be out and about advising residents in the areas of Leopold Street and Paget Street over the next few weeks.

Another area of town is around the train station which will also be visited by wardens and the Council will be writing to 500 residents to encourage their support.

In the past year the Council has issued 260 letters advising people to make sure their bins are wheeled in after collection.

The simple advice to residents is put your wheelie bins out either by 6am on the day of collection or the night before and return them to the back of the property once they have been emptied.

If they are left out for 24 hours after collection the Council will issue advice but if there is a reoccurring problem, the Council can issue a fixed penalty notice of £60.

If you need to find out what day your wheelie bin is being collected, please visit