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Non-essential Council meetings cancelled

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The Council is cancelling non-essential meetings due to the coronavirus pandemic and based on guidance from government.

Government has indicated that we need to continue with normal business as much as possible and therefore we are still planning to hold some meetings such as Plans Committee, Cabinet and Licensing. However, we are  exploring alternative ways to hold those meetings, such as virtual meetings, while ensuring the democratic process remains open and transparent. It is possible Government may need to change legislation to allow us to do that.

In the short term, the following meetings have cancelled:

  • Loughborough Town Deal Member Reference Group, March 18
  • Personnel Committee, March 18
  • Housing Management Advisory Board, March 25
  • Loughborough Town Deal Board, March 27
  • Appeals and Reviews, March 30
  • Parish Liaison Meeting, April 4
  • Scrutiny Commission, April 6

Plans Committee on March 26 is due to be held at the moment but this is being regularly reviewed.

This position will be regularly reviewed and decisions about future meetings will be published on the website.