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Leader welcomes lifting of restrictions from July 18

  • Cllr Morgan

The Leader of Charnwood Borough Council, Cllr Jonathan Morgan has welcomed the Secretary of State’s announcement about the easing of the Leicester lockdown restrictions from Saturday July 18.

The announcement means that parts of Charnwood which have been affected will no longer be included in the Leicester lockdown area and will return to national social distancing guidelines from July 18.

Residents and businesses should check the Government's website for the most up to date details about the release.

Areas including Thurmaston, Birstall, Wanlip and parts of Anstey have been subject to further restrictions since June 30.

Cllr Morgan said: “The releasing of the areas of Charnwood from the lockdown zone is positive news not only our residents but for local businesses which have also been affected.

“I look forward to these businesses opening their doors once again in line with the government advice to ensure they are covid-secure.

“We know it’s been a difficult few weeks for these particular areas and I’d like to thank everyone who has been affected or following the advice and showing resilience. I’m pleased Charnwood will soon be back together so we can start to recover as a borough.

“Although these areas will be released soon, the virus is still present and we’re not out of the woods yet. I would encourage people to continue to follow the current government guidance and take the appropriate measures to stay alert and help protect themselves and others.

“As a Council we will continue to work hard to support our communities and businesses through this pandemic."