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Don’t lose your voice – look out for electoral registration letters

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More than 77,000 homes across Charnwood will be contacted this month to keep the electoral register in the borough up-to-date.

Charnwood Borough Council is writing to all homes in the borough as part of the annual canvass, to ensure residents have their place on the electoral register and can vote when elections return next year.

In a change to previous years, most people will not have to do anything. More than 55,000 homes will receive a letter confirming the council has all the information needed for the register and no action is required, unless there have been changes.

A further 22,000 homes will be written to by the Council asking for confirmation of people who live at the property and who are eligible to vote.

Cllr Margaret Smidowicz, the council’s lead member for electoral services, said: “Voting is the bedrock of democracy and ensuring you are registered to vote is key to having your say on local, regional and national issues.

“The change to the annual canvass means most people no longer need to confirm the electoral register is correct, but just to update information if they have moved or there have been changes in the household.

“I would encourage everyone to keep an eye out for the letters so they know whether they need to confirm their place in order to be able vote in future elections. Being on the electoral register is also important and can assist with services such as credit checks, mobile phone contracts and similar.”

“While elections are on hold until next year, we must ensure the electoral register is up to date each year and it will be ready for when elections can be held again in 2021.”

Electoral canvass letters will be sent across the borough from July 20. The canvass is completed annually to ensure the council’s elections team knows who is eligible to vote.

The canvass also helps identify any residents who are not registered so that they can be encouraged to do so. Anyone needing to change details can do it simply online or over the phone.

For more information on the electoral canvass visit