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£1,200 in fines issued for fly-tipping and duty of care offence

Published: Fri 18th December, 2020

  • Picture shows fly-tips in Charley Road, Shepshed and Meadow Lane, Syston.
    Picture shows fly-tips in Charley Road, Shepshed and Meadow Lane, Syston.

Residents in Charnwood are being urged to use a registered waste carrier when disposing of their waste so that it is not dumped illegally.

It comes as the borough council recently issued three fixed penalty notices totalling £1,200 for fly-tipping and a duty of care offence.

Two £400 fines were issued for separate fly-tips on Charley Road in Shepshed, the first one in July and the second in November this year.

The third £400 fine was issued for a duty of care offence for rubbish dumped on Meadow Lane in Syston which could be traced back to the household it came from.

All three fly-tips contained general household items, bags of waste and cardboard.

The Council’s lead member for regulatory services, Cllr Shona Rattray said: “Fly tipping is a criminal offence and completely unnecessary. It creates an eyesore in our beautiful borough and people need to take personal responsibility for their rubbish which includes making sure it is disposed of correctly.

“We investigate all reported fly-tips and I hope these recent fines serve a stark reminder to people that we will not tolerate fly-tipping in our borough and will take action when enough evidence can be recovered.”

People have a legal duty of care to take all reasonable steps to ensure their waste is disposed of in the correct way.

Residents are reminded to only use a registered waste carrier to dispose of their waste and make sure the carrier has a licence from the Environment Agency. You can check online on the Environment Agency website or ask the carrier for their certificate/card before handing the waste over.

If you spot any fly-tipped waste, please call the borough council on 01509 634563 or use our online reporting form