Gary Bineker and friends arrive in the borough

Published: Tue 13th April, 2021

A new fleet of refuse and recycling vehicles in Charnwood have been officially named.

Charnwood Borough Council revealed the winning names of its Name That Wagon competition earlier this year and all the names have now been added to the lorries and sweepers.

There were over 150 competition entries from youngsters across the borough but only 24 could make it onto the list of final names.

The Council sent winners a certificate and a goody bag to say congratulations and has been sharing photos of the winners on its social media channels.

Matt Bradford, head of cleansing and open spaces at the Council said: “We really enjoyed running this competition for the children in Charnwood.

“We revealed the winners earlier this year and we’re pleased the names have now been added to the vehicles. The winners will start to see their lorries collecting recycling, refuse or garden waste and the road sweepers cleaning the streets in the borough.

“It was great to see the kids with their certificates and to hear how thrilled they were to find out their name suggestion had won.

“I would like to thank everyone who got involved in the competition. All the suggestions made us smile and we hope it has also bought some joy to our residents.”

The current fleet of bin lorries collects all refuse and recycling from the borough’s 75,000 homes as well as serving more than 30,000 customers of the Council’s garden waste service.

The vehicles empty household bins around five million times a year.

The full list of the newly named refuse vehicles are:


  • Binderella
  • Bindiana Jones
  • Binny
  • Chitty Chitty Bin Bin
  • Crushington
  • Florence
  • Garbage Goblin
  • Gary Bineker
  • Grass Gobbler
  • Greta Garbage
  • Hope
  • Ken Carson - Loughborough Royal British Legion
  • Mick Wright
  • Mr Bull's Bin Lorry
  • Rainbow Runner
  • Rosie Recycler
  • Rubbish Buster
  • The Chomper
  • Trash Bandicoot
  • Trash Gordon
  • Truckosaurus

Road Sweepers

  • Clean Machine
  • Dusty
  • Lightning McClean
  • Sooty, Sweep and Sue