Historic Loughborough Fair marks 800th anniversary year

Published: Mon 15th November, 2021

The thrills of Loughborough Fair returned to town last week as it celebrated its 800th anniversary year.

The historic fair, organised by Charnwood Borough Council, marked 800 years since it was first granted a Royal Charter, along with Loughborough Markets.

The four-day event hosted a wide range of rides including Top Scan, Miami Trip, AtmosFear and some old favourites including the Dodgems and Waltzer.

The return of the Magic Mouse rollercoaster was also warmly welcomed by visitors.

The fair was officially opened by the Mayor of Charnwood, Cllr Paul Baines who read the fair proclamation and then greeted stall owners, showmen and members of the public as he toured the fair.

Cllr Jenny Bokor, lead member for Loughborough said: “It’s been absolutely wonderful to see our historic fair return to town.

“The fair always brings a fantastic atmosphere, and this year was no different. The fact it was also the 800th anniversary year of the Royal Charter made it extra special.

“It was great to see families having lots of fun on the stalls, kiosks and rides and enjoying the event safely.

“Loughborough Fair is an incredibly special part of our town’s history and I would like to thank everyone who has been involved in bringing the fun of the fair to the town once again. Here’s to number 801 next year!”

A special art exhibition is being held at Loughborough Town Hall to mark the 800th anniversary of the Royal Charter. It showcases original artworks from fairground artists as well as photographs and memories from people who have visited Loughborough Fair over many years.

The exhibition is on until November 18.

The first official Charter for the fair was granted to the Lord of the Manor, Hugh le Despencer, in 1221 by King Henry III. The fair was then held on St. Peter’s Day.

You can view photographs taken at the fair at https://www.charnwood.gov.uk/fair2021 and follow the Twitter hashtag #LboroFair21 to find plenty of fun content from all four days.