Video: Loughborough Town Deal confirms £2.6 million funding for Digital Skills Hub

Published: Wed 11th May, 2022

A hub to help equip local people with digital skills for the future has received a £2.6 million boost from Loughborough Town Deal.

The Town Deal has confirmed the funding to create the Digital Skills Hub at Loughborough College which will also work with employers to deliver a greater breadth of work placement opportunities.

It is one of 11 projects Loughborough Town Deal is backing after securing £16.9 million of Government funding. In total, the projects are worth over £40 million of investment for the town.

In the video below, hear from the Town Deal co-chair, Cllr Jonathan Morgan and Loughborough College's Principal and CEO, Jo Maher discuss the news and the positive impact it will have on the college, the pupils and Loughborough in years to come.

To find out more about Loughborough College receiving £2.6 million of Loughborough Town Deal funding, visit our webpage.