£6.3 million in council tax energy rebates distributed to Charnwood households

Published: Mon 23rd May, 2022

Households in Charnwood have started to receive the £150 council tax rebate to help with energy bills.

The Government announced a £150 council tax rebate payment to households in council tax bands A-D to help with rising energy bills.

The Council has processed over 42,000 automatic payments into resident’s accounts who paid their direct debit during April 2022. A total of £6.3 million has been distributed through automatic payments.

A further £2.9 million is being distributed in single-use Post Office vouchers to around 19,000 households who do not pay by direct debit. This voucher can be taken to any Post Office and redeemed for the £150 cash payment.

If you are a direct debit customer but have not received an automatic payment, you will be issued with a single-use Post Office voucher. Some automatic payments have not been possible where the necessary checks required by Government could not be completed.

If you have selected to receive your bills by email or have an email address attached to your council tax account, the voucher will be emailed to you, otherwise, it will be sent out by post.

The vouchers started to be issued from May 18, 2022 and are expected to take up to two weeks to be fully distributed.

For those who receive Housing Benefits, Universal Credit or Council Tax Support, the rebate will not affect your entitlement to these benefits.

If you are unsure on which council tax band you are in, you can find out by visiting My Charnwood.

To find more details on the council tax rebate, visit our webpage where there is further information and frequently asked questions.