From Ukraine to Charnwood, Kateryna's story

Published: Wed 24th August, 2022

  • The image shows Kateryna who has shared her story for Ukraine Independence Day

As part of Ukraine Independence Day on August 24, Kateryna has shared her story after moving from Kyiv with her four-year-old daughter Lera to Sileby to stay with a host family.

Kateryna said: “I arrived in Sileby in June and I am still impressed by the hospitality of people in England. We have been accepted into the home of a loving family. People have been so friendly. We have enjoyed walking in the fields in the area and I have even met a friendly badger in the garden one evening.

“We appreciate the hospitality we have been shown and are still amazed how people whom you never knew before, can simply open their doors for you because you are in trouble.

“My daughter is going to a nursery three times a week and with that and being surrounded by an English family, she is learning English. I studied it in Ukraine and use it for work.

“I still have my company in Ukraine which I started 10 years ago. Income has dropped 80 per cent but it is still functioning and I can still earn some income.

“We have left a lot behind, our apartment, a house in the country, and most importantly of all, Lera’s papa. He was not entitled to go abroad because of the war, although he is not in the military. Lera misses him, particularly cuddles with him the most.

“Many of my friends’ husbands are serving in the war and we all look to hear from them to know they are alive. Some men we know have already given their lives for their motherland Ukraine and for their families.

“Ukraine will not properly celebrate Independence Day this year. What we will have this year is destroyed Russian military equipment placed on the main square of Kyiv.Destroyed Russian military equipment in Kyiv. Photo: Dmynto Martynets

“We are hoping to settle abroad at least until the active phase of the war finishes. We hope to see our family members soon. We are very grateful for such a warm acceptance in the UK.”