Video: Quorn resident talk's about late father's 51-year-old letter about restoring the Outwoods

Published: Wed 7th September, 2022

  • Local resident from Quorn Jane Hollingworth

In this short video, a Quorn resident and parish councillor Jane Hollingworth, talks about discovering a letter her late father wrote to the Echo in 1970.

Peter Gamble, who also lived in Quorn was passionate about nature and wildlife sadly passed away during the pandemic.

In his letter, he expresses his concerns about the planting of conifer trees at the Outwoods and the impact it was having on the character of the ancient woodland.

In 2019, the Council, which maintains the Outwoods, working alongside the Outwoods Management Committee, started a long-term project to restore the site back to its natural and true historic state of an oak acid woodland.

The news story can be found on our website.

A full version of the letter can also be found at