Sign up to help local elections with short-term paid roles

Published: Tue 18th October, 2022

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A call has gone out for people to apply for short-term paid roles at next year’s local elections in Charnwood.

The borough council is encouraging people to sign up to be considered for a number of roles such as polling clerks and vote counters.

Most of the roles are just for the day of the elections or a few hours.

The Council is responsible for elections in Charnwood and need as many members of staff as they can find to operate polling stations, count votes and more.

The local elections next year will see all 52 borough council seats will be contested. Votes will be cast in over 70 polling stations and thousands of postal votes also need to be processed and counted.

While many Council staff support elections, the Council needs to call on local people who help out.

Returning officer Rob Mitchell said: “The local elections are an extremely busy time for the council and many of our staff will be involved across the organisation.

“However, we do need to call upon people to help out with a variety of tasks. As well these roles being paid, they are also rewarding as you can take pride in helping the local democratic process take place fairly, openly and transparently. This is an integral part of our society.”

The Council is looking to build up a bank of people which it can call on for the local elections next May or any other elections should they arise.

The types of roles the Council is looking to fill are:

  • Polling station staff
  • Presiding officer
  • Poll clerk
  • Postal vote openers
  • Count staff
  • Ballot box handlers
  • Overnight count assistants
  • Daytime count assistants

The minimum age for all roles is 18 years of age, and although most vacancies do not require experience, they do require commitment. 

All appointed staff will be required to sign their agreement to maintain the secrecy of the ballot and must not work on behalf of a candidate during an election campaign or be related to a prospective candidate. 

All roles are paid. The rate of pay changes for every election and is yet to be confirmed, and therefore applicants will be notified as soon as the Council receives the full details. 

A description of the roles and online application form can be found at Any further questions can be emailed to