Reminder over dangers of frozen water

Published: Thu 15th December, 2022

As the Council operates some open spaces with bodies of freshwater, we are reminding people to be mindful of the dangers of going on to frozen lakes, ponds or canals. 

It follows the recent tragedy in Solihull where four children sadly lost their lives after falling into a frozen lake.  

In Charnwood, open spaces which have bodies of water such as Dishley Pond, Stonebow Washlands and Charnwood Water could freeze over during the winter, and it is important for people to be careful and keep a safe distance from any open water areas.  

There haven’t been any reported incidents at our sites, but should you witness any such incident, residents are advised never go onto the ice to rescue somebody, and that they should immediately call 999 or 112 and ask for the Fire and Rescue Service.