Recommendation made for Leader of Charnwood Borough Council

Published: Fri 12th May, 2023

A report has been published that sets out a proposal to nominate Cllr Jewel Miah as Leader of Charnwood Borough Council at its annual meeting on May 22.

Cllr Miah is the Leader of the Labour Group on Charnwood Borough Council.

The proposal will be put to a vote at the annual meeting which is when the Council leader is elected.

The report sets out that no political group has overall control of the Council, but an agreement has been reached between the Labour Group with Green Party councillors to support a minority Labour administration.

The report can be read here

Following the local elections on May 4, the political make-up of Charnwood Borough Council is as follows:

  • 23 Conservative
  • 20 Labour
  • 8 Green Party
  • 1 Independent