New Leader of Charnwood Borough Council is elected

Published: Mon 22nd May, 2023

  • Cllr Jewel Miah has been elected as Leader of Charnwood Borough Council

A new leader of Charnwood Borough Council has been elected. 

Cllr Jewel Miah was voted in at the Annual Council Meeting on Monday, May 22 as the Labour group, which he leads, became the Council’s ruling administration.

Cllr Miah said: “It is an honour and privilege to lead Charnwood Borough Council. I can commit to residents that I will be doing my very best for the borough and its local communities.

“I would like to thank everyone for their support in recent weeks, but we must now focus on the task at hand and that’s ensuring the Council delivers the services people want and need, and that they are making a positive difference to local communities.

“The Labour administration is committed to delivering its manifesto over the next four years including supporting residents through the cost of living crisis.

"Our priority now is to work with senior officers on how we deliver on those pledges. This is the start of the journey and will take time, but we are passionate and committed to making a positive difference.

“We will also be committed to working with councillors across the borough as this is very much about doing what is right for Charnwood. We will also be working with partners, residents, and local businesses because collaboration will be key to any success.”

Following the local elections on May 4, the Labour Group have 20 councillors, while the Conservatives have 23. There are also eight Green Party councillors and one Independent.

A report to the meeting set out that no political group has overall control of the Council, but an agreement had been reached between the Labour Group with Green Party councillors to support a minority Labour administration.

At the meeting at Loughborough Town Hall, the vote to elect Cllr Miah as the new Council Leader was 28 in favour, 22 against and two abstained.

Cllr Miah has served on the Council since 2007. He lives in Loughborough, in the ward he serves – Loughborough East – and has a professional background in retail and hospitality. He is married with three children.