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A planning guide to horses and stables

For a full list of refuse and recycling collection dates and Council opening times over the Christmas period, head to this webpage.

This page provides information intended to clarify the legal position and provide initial advice for anyone intending to use land or buildings for a horse related use.

Submitting an application

You can submit your application via the Planning Portal or visit our Downloadable Forms page and read our Guidance and Checklist then complete form 4 together with:


£385 for a change of use of land or buildings from agricultural to “horsicultural”. - The erection of buildings is calculated on the gross floorspace measured externally “including canopy” on land with an existing “horsicultural” use.

£195 for up to 40 sq metres.

£385 for between 40 and 75 sq metres - Where the floorspace is more than 75 square metres but does not exceed 3750 square metres the fee is £385 for each 75 square metres.

The construction of a manège is £195.00 for each 0.1 hectare of the site area.

Where a change of use together with other work is required the highest fee is payable.

Further information on planning fees and how to pay can be found on our Applying for Planning Permission page.

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