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Advice for pet owners

Covid-19: We are currently under national restrictions. Please stay at home to control the virus, protect the NHS and save lives.

The Government has published its roadmap out of the current lockdown which is available at

Advice for pet owners and people walking other people's dogs can be viewed in the infographics and advice below.

Help and Guidance for Residents

The RSPCA are asking for your help to get the message out to your communities that people with animals should be prepared.

The UK Government has provided some basic guidance for people with pets. The RSPCA have provided detailed advice for people who have pets/animals to be prepared and identify family or friends who can care for them if they need to self-isolate or are hospitalised. 

The RSPCA have also been working closely with a range of other leading animal welfare organisations to draw up and summarise the best guidance and advice for pet owners. Please see the infographics below, which features key information which may prove helpful to pet owning residents across your area.

Advice for dog walkers can be found on the document below:

Animals of people hospitalised

The RSPCA recommend you get messages out to your community about being prepared and identifying carers for animals if people are hospitalised - whether that is family or friends. This would help adult social care teams and first responders within your area and also go some way to protect animal welfare. Where possible, the RSPCA recommend talking to local authorities with responsibility for stray dogs and any private boarding establishments in your area to see what support they may be able to provide.

Advice for dog control

Dog owners are asked to think about how their dog may behave differently due to the unusual living arrangements currently in place due to lockdown.

The coronavirus pandemic has affected pets, too. Dogs that are used to kids being at school and adults at work are now finding themselves surrounded by their families 24/, Most welcome the company but some dogs are having a hard time adjusting to the constant noise, attention and lack of space.

They may react differently so owners are asked to:

  • Ensure dogs are on leads and 2 metres away from other pets and members of the public
  • Refrain from going into property boundaries or anywhere where other pets may be, which could make them act in a territorial manner
  • Make sure your dog is under full control at all times

COVID-19 and Pets

Advice for dog walkers

Dog Walking and COVID-19

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Last updated: Thu 25th February, 2021 @ 14:08