Before starting your application, we strongly advise that you take time to read all the information about each step, together with the detailed evidence requirements and the Terms and Conditions that you will have to agree to as part of any Pavement Licence granted.

This will ensure you know:

  • what you need to do
  • when to do it
  • what you need to provide
  • how to do it
  • how much it will cost 

Please find below a simple step-by-step guide to help you through the application process. You MUST follow the steps in order to ensure your application is valid and complete.

Step 1– Start Consultation

You, as the applicant, are responsible for consulting with your neighbouring premises, businesses and neighbours. To do this you need to display this notice at the premises, on the day you submit the application, to make the public aware of the changes you are proposing and provide them with an opportunity to feedback any comments or concerns they may have. 

The notice must remain in place for the seven day period of consultation (beginning the day after you submit your application).  When counting working days, public holidays are not included.

You must take a photo of the notice once it has been displayed as you will need this for Step 2.

Applicants are encouraged to speak to neighbouring businesses and occupiers prior to submitting any application.

Please use this frontage consent form to capture any comments and feedback.

You must email any completed forms you receive back or any comments made to you by members of the public to as evidence of your consultation as soon as you receive them, making sure you put Pavement Licence Consultation in the subject line of the email.

Step 2 - Make your application

Once you have displayed your notice and downloaded and completed your frontage consent forms, you are now ready to submit your online application and supporting evidence.

There is currently no fee applicable for this application.

You must read our full Terms and Conditions and detailed evidence requirements before starting your application. 

You will need to upload your supporting evidence as part of your application therefore, please have ALL the following ready.

  • Proof of your Insurance cover
  • Picture of the notice displayed on the premises
  • Site Plan
  • A4 size location plan (this can be included as part of your site plan)
  • Diagrams or photos of proposed street furniture, non-street furniture and barriers to be used
  • Evidence you are consulting with neighbouring businesses/properties and neighbours e.g. frontage consent forms completed ready to pass to neighbours etc
  • Relevant other licences held

If you do not supply sufficient evidence this may impact on the success of your application.

Make an application by completing the application form below and sending it with all scanned copies and photos of documents to

Step 3 - Outcome (Decision made)

Once the Council has received all of the above and the initial seven day period of consultation has passed, we will use these to assess your suitability to be issued with a Pavement Licence. 

The determination period, starting the day after the consultation, can take up to a further seven days, which includes making your licence.  

If the Council has not made a decision by the end of the seven day determination period the law states there the Pavement Licence will deem to be granted.

Pavement Licences granted will cover the period requested on the application or as determined by the Council but will expire no later than September 30, 2023.

You will be advised of the Council’s decision by email, using the email address on your application. The email will include a formal decision letter and your licence (if applicable).

If your application is unsuccessful, the reasons for this will be in your decision letter.

Last updated: Wed 16th August, 2023 @ 15:11