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Anti-social behavior minimum standards

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Charnwood Community Safety Partnership’s Anti-social Behaviour Strategy details partner’s intent to work and plan together to tackle behaviour which affects local residents and visitors to the borough.

Standard 1

We will aim to reduce the numbers of people who believe anti-social behaviour to be of a high level in Charnwood, by 10% over the coming year

Standard 2

We will provide regular updates to communities about actions taken to tackle anti-social behaviour. In particular we will publicise, where permitted, enforcement actions such as Anti-social Behaviour Orders, Anti-social Behaviour Injunctions and Crack House Closures.

Standard 3

We will provide residents with a swift and simple means of complaining, directly to the Community Safety Partnership, if effective action is not taken by local agencies through existing channels, to tackle issues of anti-social behaviour.

Standard 4

We will provide comprehensive support and help for victims and witnesses of anti-social behaviour, having particular regard for those identified as being vulnerable.

Standard 5

We will take complaints of anti-social behaviour seriously; grading each reported incident and responding in agreed timescales (all serious incidents of anti-social behaviour being responded to within one working day), recording and investigating them all, providing regular updates to all involved parties.

Standard 6

We will respond swiftly and effectively; providing multi-agency responses to incidents of Environmental Crime.

Standard 7

We will ensure better links between neighbourhood policing and other local partners to deal swiftly with anti-social behaviour problems.

Standard 8

Whilst addressing community concerns, we will ensure that the support needs of those who perpetrate anti-social behaviour are addressed and that they are afforded adequate opportunity to moderate their behaviour, leading to the best possible outcomes for all.

Standard 9

We will strive to reduce re-offending by young people and deter young, prolific and priority offenders from further anti social acts.

Standard 10

We will seize all available opportunities to celebrate the positive actions of young people in Charnwood.

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