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Bedford Square Gateway Project

Image of Bedford Square Consultation documentA consultation has been held over proposed improvements to Bedford Square, Devonshire Square and Wards End in Loughborough.

The suggested improvements under the Bedford Square Gateway Project include widening pavements and making public areas more attractive to shoppers.

This consultation is now closed and we will update this page with news of how the proposals are progressing. 

Bedford Square Gateway proposals

These proposals are a starting point for discussion and while no funding is yet in place, the agreement of a scheme will be essential to secure opportunities for investment as and when they become available.

In summary, the plan is to widen pavements to make it more pedestrian friendly. The proposals also include creating a water feature in Bedford Square where there is currently a car park on the corner of Wards End and Woodgate. Some parking would be retained and extra parking would be included in Devonshire Square. Other proposals include adding seating and features such as a sculpture.

The estimated cost of the scheme is £780,000, not including a water feature.

PRIORITY AREA 1 - Bedford Square

  • Recreate a public square with a main focal point and meeting area. 
  • Refresh entire public realm using new materials that visually lift this important entrance to the town whilst blending in with other areas of Loughborough.

PRIORITY AREA 2 - Wards End to South Street

  • Widen the footways to create a more pleasant and spacious shopping area.
  • For cost efficiency, consider re-using existing block paving and reclaimed paving from Bedford Square to make up shortfall of materials for the widened footways.
  • By substantially narrowing the carriageway width, it is hoped that problems associated with disabled parking on the double yellow lines in this area will cease. However, this issue should be monitored and if necessary a TRO could be put in place to enforce parking restrictions along Ward's End.
  • In order to maximise on-street parking, specific loading bays have been avoided and it is envisaged that delivery times will be restricted in line with other parts of the town.

 PRIORITY AREA 3 - Granby Street/Cattle Market Area

  • Form a block paved, raised table to encourage free pedestrian flow into the town centre whilst also creating a traffic calming measure for vehicles accessing the Granby Street car park.

PRIORITY AREA 4 - Wards End to Browns Lane to New Street

  • Narrow the road on the approach to Bedford Square in order to reduce the dominance of through traffic at this importance entrance to the town.
  • Block paving the footways would improve the overall appearance of this area by visually reducing the dominance of the tarmac carriageway.

PRIORITY AREA 5 - Devonshire Square

Although this area is not part of the brief, there is an opportunity to re-organise this space to make better use of the area by creating more on-street parking to compensate the loss at Bedford Square.

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