In view of the nature of the construction works to be carried out, there will inevitably be some disruption.

The Council will be working with the contractor to minimise disruption and we will keep businesses informed either directly or through the Council’s website, social media channels and email alerts.

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The contractor will appoint a Stakeholder Liaison Coordinator to ensure local shops and businesses, individuals and groups are engaged and can provide input into how site activities may affect them and create mitigation measures.

The contractor will gain a full understanding of stakeholder (businesses/ shops etc) operations including delivery schedules and requirements, access and operation of car parks, pedestrian access requirements and emergency escape procedures.

The contractor will prepare detailed phasing plans and short term programmes that address any issues and share these with local businesses and groups through weekly stakeholder engagement meetings, as well through daily informal contact with the Stakeholder Coordinator, who will be their key point of contact.

The contractor will present their traffic and pedestrian management proposals to affected businesses, residents and other parties to determine individual requirements and incorporate their comments on access/ deliveries etc. Ahead of any traffic management switch, the contractor’s proposals and arrangements for maintaining access and deliveries will be communicated to all parties so that potential disruptive elements can be effectively planned.

Last updated: Tue 25th May, 2021 @ 10:46