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Changes to the benefits system

Due to Monday May 27 being a Bank Holiday, there are some changes to opening times and other Council services. Find out more on the Bank Holiday webpage.

As part of the UK Government's welfare reform measures changes have been made to benefits in Charnwood.

These changes have had an impact on working age people claiming benefits or renting a home from us. 

Changes to the benefit system can be found below:

Please be aware that residents of pension age are not effected by these changes.

Contact details

If you are a working age benefit claimant and want to find out more, please contact us on

If you are a working age council tenant and receive benefits, please contact us on:

  • Tel: 01509 634666.

For more information please visit the Government's website.

Where do I go for more help?

In cases of extreme hardship, we can offer a Council Tax Discretionary Discount, which offers short-term help to those suffering as a result of welfare changes.

Important Discretionary Discount notes:

  • The discount is applicable for Council Tax only
  • Applicants do not have to be in receipt of Council Tax Support
  • No cash payments are made, it is a discount on the Council Tax Bill
  • The amount of discount given will be subject to individual applicant circumstances
  • The application is processed by the billing authority
  • The discount is not an emergency payment, or cash payment

If you receive Housing Benefit or Local Council Tax Support you can apply for a Discretionary Payment in order to help with your rent, housing costs, and Council Tax bill.

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