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Bins and bags

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Bins and bags must be stored off the public walkway between collections. Bins belong to the council and must be left with the property when you move house.

Properties without bins can request one free of charge by contacting Environmental Services. There are several bins and bags used for household waste and recycling;

What if my bin gets damaged?

If your bin is damaged through general wear and tear, or during collection, we will repair or replace the bin free of charge. However, if a bin has been damaged through misuse, a charge will be made for its repair or replacement.

You may want to mark your bins in some way to identify them from your neighbours' bins. If you do, please take care not to damage the bins. It is your responsibility to keep your bins clean.

Please contact Environmental Services if your bin has been damaged to arrange a repair or replacement.

Litter bins

Litter bins are sometimes emptied at the same time as the street is cleaned and can be emptied as much as six times a day. For public health reasons, twice a week is the longest wait time between emptying litter bins.

Litter bins on land owned by parish or town councils are generally maintained by the parish or town council.

If you think an extra litter bin is needed, please contact us but be aware that we must consider the costs of emptying the bin as well as purchasing, installing and replacing it from time to time.

Other factors include whether it will make an impact on litter, and the possibility of valid objections from neighbours etc. For more information see our Litter Bin Policy in related documents below.

Communal and exempt properties

Some residents, such as those who live in apartment blocks, will use communal containers instead of individual bins and bags.

At some properties, known as "Exempt properties", it's not practical to use wheeled bins. The council provides bags to these properties instead.

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