Where possible, garden rubbish should be disposed of by other means than by burning e.g. composting, brown bins, or removal to licensed waste facility etc.

However, if you must have a bonfire then you should consider the following points to avoid unnecessary annoyance and inconvenience to neighbours:

  1. All material to be burnt should be kept dry so that it burns quickly with little smoke. Only garden waste should be burnt, no plastic, foam, rubber, painted wood, household waste etc.
  2. Do not use petrol or diesel to start a fire
  3. If fires are to be lit, they should be done so by the mid-afternoon at the latest so that they have time to die down before evening and tenants must stay on site until the fire has died down/gone out
  4. Bonfires should be avoided on damp afternoons during the autumn and winter when the smoke will not have time to clear and may cause fog to form. This is because warm damp air can become trapped under layers of cold air creating fog and mist (temperature Inversion); this can be made worse by smoke particles from bonfires (hence its often foggy on and after Bonfire night)
  5. Before lighting fires, the wind direction should be assessed to ensure that smoke will blow away from residential properties and businesses
  6. Bonfires should not be lit in unsuitable weather conditions or on still days or in the evening. You should also avoid having bonfires at weekends and bank holidays when people may wish to be outside enjoying their gardens
  7. Fires must not be left unattended or allowed to smoulder for hours at a time and especially not overnight. It is better to burn on a fresh windy day so that the smoke will be easily dispersed
  8. Try not to light a bonfire if any neighbouring resident has washing out
  9. Material should be burnt quickly by feeding small amounts bit-by-bit into the flames of the fire. Remember if you show consideration by preparing carefully to minimise the inconvenience caused to neighbours by bonfires, you are likely to avoid causing a serious nuisance.

If the points above are not adhered to it could lead to the termination of your tenancy.

Last updated: Thu 15th September, 2022 @ 08:32