This page provides quick access to the key plans that have been approved.

Approved Plans:

Condition 13 - Plans specified

The development hereby approved shall be carried out in accordance with the following plans and documents:

Condition 15 - Phasing and Delivery Plans

The phasing and delivery of development shall take place in accordance with the following plans unless otherwise agreed in writing by the local planning authority.

Condition 23 - Landscape Plans

Further to the requirements of condition 3 all reserved matters applications for that part of the Broadnook application site hereby granted outline permission full regard will be given to the landscaping principles and details shown on the following Munro-Whitten drawings hereby approved:

Condition 24 - Flood Risk Assessment

Flood Risk Assessment Reference 10223-FRA Rev 7 dated 21.12.2018 compiled by Brookbanks Consulting Ltd

Condition 40 - Detailed Proposal Plans

Conditions relating to the area of the application site subject to Detailed Proposals:

In so far as this decision grants full permission for the area edged blue on the Application Boundary Plan - Define Drawing Reference DE096.008 Rev D, the development shall be carried out only in accordance with the details and specifications included in the submitted application as amended by revised drawings received by the local planning authority on the 24th January 2019 unless otherwise agreed in writing by the local planning authority. 

The approved drawings are as follows:

Drawing Title

Drawing Reference

1. Junctions 1 and 2 A6 Site Access

LWL/600/002 Rev D28

Drawing Title

Drawing Reference

2. On Site Access Drawings







General Arrangement Sheet 1

General Arrangement Sheet 2

General Arrangement Sheet 3

General Arrangement Sheet 4

General Arrangement Sheet 5

General Arrangement Sheet 6

ADC-1684-DR-101 Rev P5

ADC-1684-DR-102 Rev P4

ADC-1684-DR-103 Rev P5

ADC-1684-DR-104 Rev P4

ADC-1684-DR-105 Rev P5

ADC-1684-DR-106 Rev P5

Drawing Title

Drawing Reference

3. Barwood Homes Detailed Proposals






























Proposed Site Layout

Parcel Information Drawing

Phase 1 Housetypes Key Plan

Phase 1 Materials Plan

Phase 1 Boundary Treatments Plan

Phase 1 Hard Landscaping Plan

Bournville Housetype

Unwin Housetype

Barnett Housetype

Earswick Housetype

Earswick + Housetype

Harbourne Housetype

Harbourne + Housetype

Brentham Housetype

Hampstead Housetype

Hampstead + Housetype

Cadbury Housetype

Edwin Housetype

Lutyens Housetype

Howard Housetype

Rowntree Housetype

Letchworth Housetype

Swithland Housetype

Swithland + Housetype

Welwyn Housetype

Welwyn + Housetype

Rothley Housetype

Kingston Housetype

Proposed Garages

2930-01 Rev AE

2930-03 Rev K

2930-06 Rev E

2930-07 Rev A

2930-08 Rev A

2930-09 Rev A

2930-101 Rev B

2930-102 Rev C

2930-104 Rev A

2930-105 Rev C

2930-106 Rev B

2930-107 Rev B

2930-108 Rev B

2930-109 Rev B

2930-110 Rev B

2930-111 Rev B

2930-112 Rev B

2930-113 Rev B

2930-114 Rev B

2930-115 Rev B

2930-116 Rev B

2930-117 Rev B

2930-118 Rev B

2930-119 Rev B

2930-120 Rev B

2930-121 Rev B

2930-122 Rev B

2930-123 Rev B


Drawing Title

Drawing Reference

4. Davidsons Homes Detailed Proposals





Planning Layout

Materials Plan

Boundary Treatment Plan

House Types

1070-100 Rev P09

1070-200 Rev P05

1070-800 Rev P04

DH205 RE-2 (AS)

DH205 RE-2 (OP)

DH205 RI-2 (OP)

DH302 RE-3 (AS)

DH302 RE-3 (OP)

DH313 RD-2 (AS) - Rev A

DH313 RD-2 (OP) - Rev A 

DH314 RDB-3 (AS)

DH314 RDB-2 (OP)

DH330 V-3 (AS)

DH343 B-2 and DH344 B-2 (AS and OP)

DH343 B-3 and DH346 B-3 Rear Elevation and Floor Plan (AS and OP) Rev A

DH343 B-3 and DH346 B-3 Front and Side Elevations  (AS and OP) Rev A

DH380 BN-3 and DH381 BN-3 and DH382 BN-3 (AS) Rev A

DH380 BN-3 and DH381 BN-3 and DH382 BN-3 (OP) Rev A

DH404 V-2 (OP)

DH412 R-3 (AS)

DH412 R-3 (OP)

DH413 W-3 (AS) Rev A

DH413 B-3 (AS)

DH413 B-3 (OP)

DH418 W-2 (OP)

DH422 R-3 (AS)

DH424 S-2 (AS)

DH430 W-3 (AS)

DH430 W-3 (OP)

DH431 B-3 (AS)

DH431 B-3 (OP)

DH432 T-2 (AS)

DH432-T-2 (OP)

DH450 BN-3 (AS)

DH450 BN-3 (OP)

DH451 BR-3 (OP)

DH451 BR-3 (AS)

DH460 W-3 (AS)

DH460 W-3 (OP)

DH507 BN-2 (AS)

DH509 V-3 (AS)

DH509 V-3 (OP)

DH522 S-2 (OP)

DH531 W-2 (AS)

DH531 W-2 (OP)

DH532 V-3 (OP)

Garages and Enclosures - Sheets 1 (Rev A)

Garages and Enclosures - Sheets 2

Drawing Title

Drawing Reference

5. Northern Boulevard Gatehouses





Elevations Sheet 1

Elevations Sheet 2

Gatehouse – Proposed Plans

Gatehouse – Context Elevation

BMP-FEA-BI-XX-DE-A-3701 - Rev P2

BMP-FEA-BI-XX-DE-A-3702 - Rev P2

BMP-FEA-BI-XX-DP-A-2200 - Rev P2

BMP-FEA-SI-XX-DE-A-3459 - Rev P2

Drawing Title

Drawing Reference

6. Foxfield Park Pavilion




Floor Plans

SHM-FEA-2469-SI-XX-DE-A-370 - Rev P4

SHM-FEA-2469-SI-ZZ-DP-A-2200 - Rev P3

Drawing Title

Drawing Reference

7. Green Infrastructure and Landscaping














Landscape Infrastructure (1 of 5)

Landscape Infrastructure (2 of 5)

Landscape Infrastructure (3 of 5)

Landscape Infrastructure (4 of 5)

Landscape Infrastructure (5 of 5)

Woodland Planting Matrix

Sections through SuDs

Davidsons Housing Area: Plot Soft Landscaping (drawing 1 of 2)

Davidsons Housing Area: Plot Soft Landscaping (drawing 2 of 2)

Barwood Housing Area: Plot Soft Landscaping (drawing 1 of 2)

Barwood Housing Area: Plot Soft Landscaping (drawing 2 of 2)

Landscape Types

Landscape and Biodiversity Management Zones

0638.010 Rev K

0638.011 Rev Q

0638.012 Rev J

0638.013 Rev F

0638.014 Rev H


0638.043 Rev A

0638.015 a) 

and b) Rev L

0638.017 Rev F 

and 0638.019 Rev E

0638.045 Rev H

0638.052 Rev B

Conditions 4 and 8: Off-site Junction Improvements

A6/A46 Junction

Hallfields Lane - Cossington Lane

Environmental Impact Assessment


As the project progresses important contact details will be added here. At present the Case Officer at Charnwood Borough Council can be contacted at

Proposed Rothley Crossroads Junction Layout

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