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Building notice method

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A building notice is a sketch showing what work is being prepared and submitted to us. Included with the sketch should be:

  • A site location plan (this service must only be used in this case for building regulations applications)
  • A building notice application form
  • An appropriate payment. For a competitive quote contact us on:
    • Domestic work: 01509 634924 or 01509 634757
    • Email:

The building notice method cannot be used if work has already started, if the building is a certain type of workplace or fronts a private street, or is within 3m of a public sewer.

A major disadvantage with submitting a building notice is that, unlike with the full plans method, there is no guarantee that the building work will comply with the building regulations.

Our building control Surveyor will give an exact interpretation in relation to any specific proposal on request.

Once a building notice has been submitted

Once submitted to us, the building notice and all attachments will be assessed to check that everything is in order.

We will be in touch, usually within two working days, to either accept or reject the building notice or to ask for further items that will help with your application.

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