Welcome to CBC Lettings, the new service designed to make renting out your property easier.

We have the expertise and experience to ensure you will receive an excellent level of service. 

The Lettings Service has been set up to provide landlords with a range of different options to let out their property whilst working to improving the standards of accommodation within the borough.

How is CBC Lettings different to other letting agents?

CBC Lettings is a not-for-profit service, which means that we are able to offer competitive prices to let out your property. We are hard-working and dedicated to managing your property as if it was one of our own.

CBC Lettings does not charge any set up fees for the management of your property. We do charge a monthly management fee which will cover the costs of running the service.

More information will appear on this webpage in the near future.

In the meantime, please contactPlease contact the CBC Lettings Team on 01509 634572 or email  for further information.

You can also read our handy guide for people looking to let their property.

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Recent and upcoming events

In this section, you can keep up to date with any events that may be taking place, and read up on presentations from previous events.

Landlord Forum

Find out more details about past and future Landlord Forum events

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