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Council Tax for flats, bedsits and shared houses

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Council Tax is payable on all domestic dwellings in the borough. 

This includes any property which can be classed as a self-contained dwelling, such as a flat, caravan or houseboat, and larger dwellings which may be shared by more than one household. 

The decision as to whether a property such as a flat or bedsit should be included on the Council Tax list as a self-contained dwelling is made by the Valuation Office.

In general, flats will be included as separate dwellings on the list, but bedsits which share facilities such as bathrooms, will form part of the larger dwelling in which they are situated, and will therefore not be shown separately on the list.

Who is liable for my Council Tax?

Liability for Council Tax in respect of a self-contained dwelling normally falls to the person living in the property. For properties which consist of more than one 'unit' (such as a collection of bedsits), the owner or landlord of the property is likely to be made liable for Council Tax.

Where the dwelling has been adapted for more than one household or where tenants hold individual tenancies but share amenities such as a kitchen or bathroom, the property will deemed to be a house in multiple occupation and the owner or landlord will be liable for Council Tax.  

Otherwise the occupant(s) of the property will be liable. If you believe your property should be be classed as a house in multiple occupation please contact the Council Tax office. You must continue to pay your bill as requested until a decision has been made.

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