Although many Government Covid-19 restrictions have now been lifted, we are conscious that some event organisers still want to build Covid-19 security measures into their event planning. 

You may find our Covid-19 event planning document helpful. 

Here also are some links to websites relating to Covid–19 which you may find useful:

Below is a list of questions you may want to consider answering when completing a Covid-19 risk assessment for your event. 

General event questions

  • What is the type of event?
  • Is the event indoor or outdoor?

Event Capacity

  • What is the venue size?
  • How many people attending?
  • What is the venue capacity?
  • Have you adjusted capacity figures for Covid-19?
  • What is your crowd density figure?
  • What social distance figure is crowd density based on?
  • How will crowd be managed on footprint?
  • Will crowd movement be limited?
  • Will the event have designated seating areas or ground markings for segregation?
  • What is the expected interaction between participants?
  • What is the duration of the event?
  • Has event duration been reduced due to Covid-19? 


  • How will attendees and employees' details be recorded for tracking and tracing compliance?
  • Do you plan to regulate flow and density of attendees on entry (staggered arrivals) and during event?
  • Do you plan to increase the number of entry and exit points for the event?
  • What queuing system will be in place at entry?
  • How will social distancing be implemented in queues and at the event close?
  • Will there be physical barriers or ground markings at queue areas?
  • How will the queues be managed?
  • Will the queues impact on surrounding roads / infrastructure?

Hand Washing / Cleaning Regimes / Toilet Facilities

  • Have you made provision for hand washing facilities / anti-bacterial hand gel?
  • Do you plan on regular cleaning/disinfection of site and facilities?
  • What toilet facilities are in place?
  • Will there be a queuing system in place at toilets?
  • Will there be social distancing be in place for the queue?
  • Will there be physical infrastructure in place at queue?
  • How will the queues be managed?


  • What advice will be given to attendees regarding social distancing?
  • What advice will be given to risk groups regarding attending the event?
  • Do you plan to spread Public Health England information to attendees/staff?
  • Will this information include messaging in various languages and visual reminders for key messaging?
  • What pre-event messaging will be sent out with instructions for participants?


  • Do you plan on having detection systems in place to measure temperature at entry?
  • What measures are in place to identify COVID19 symptomatic people at entry & during event?
  • Are you aware of the COVID-19 symptoms?
  • What guidance and requirements will be given to your medical provider regarding COVID-19 and required PPE?
  • Do you plan to exclude any risk groups?
  • How will this be managed?
  • What first aid measures will be in place for COVID-19?
  • How will you deal with symptomatic people?
  • Will you have isolation facilities in place to separate COVID-19 symptomatic people?
  • What medical provisions will be in place to triage and divert symptomatic people to appropriate medical care?


  • How many staff will be present?
  • How many will be Security Industry Authority (SIA)?
  • How many Stewards will be present?
  • How will staff be briefed?
  • What PPE be available for staff?
  • Have you made plans for getting PPE?
  • What plans are in place if staff become COVID-19 symptomatic?
  • Will staff be informed of testing facilities?
  • Do you have staff contingency plans in place if staff become symptomatic before the event and during event?

Food / Drink / Alcohol

  • Will food/drink be sold?
  • How will this be ordered / delivered?
  • Will there be a queuing system in place to order/collect food?
  • What social distancing measures will be in place at refreshment areas?
  • Will there be physical infrastructure in place for queues?
  • How will the queues be managed?
  • Are there plans for eating / drinking areas?
  • Will alcohol be sold?
  • What type of licence will be in place?
  • Will challenge 25 be in place?
  • How will this be managed?
  • Are there plans for overnight camping?

Organising and registering your event or street party

How do I organise and register an event or street party for the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee?

If you are arranging an event / street party to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022, please contact Leicestershire County Council.  Full details for registering an event, and details of how to apply for any road closures / restrictions, can be found on the Leicestershire County Council website.

The Government has published guidance on how to organise a street party. It can be found on the Government website.

Guide to organising a street party (

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