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Council Tax Banding Rates and Financial Information

Council Bands for Charnwood 2015 - 2016

Details of all Council Tax Bands in Charnwood are provided in the documents below.

  • Council Tax Bands 2015-16 (PDF Document, 0.1 Mb).
  • Council Tax Bandings 2015-16 (Word Document, 0.1 Mb).

Details of Council Tax banding for a specific property in Charnwood can be found by doing a search by address in our property search My Charnwood.

What Council Tax Pays For

Council Tax pays for a range of services provided by the organisations listed below.  Financial details for each are available by clicking on the links.  Full details of the services provided are shown on the individual web sites. 

PLEASE NOTE: For 2015/16 the Fire Authority, Police and Leicestershire County Council have increased their charge by 1.99%.  The Annual Council Tax bills only have the capacity to display to one decimal place so this will show as an increase of 2.0% 

In basic terms the amount of Council Tax payable in respect of a property is calculated as follows:

  • The total cost of providing the required local services is calculated (taking account of Government grants and other income)
  • This figure is then divided by the number of properties in the Borough
  • The result is adjusted to take account of the different Council Tax bands in which properties are placed

The actual calculation is obviously much more complex than this example.  If you want more information on Council Tax calculations please contact the Council Tax office.

All Council Tax Bands for the Borough of Charnwood - 2014 - 2015

For more information about Council Tax Bands refer to 'Related Documents' below.

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