Any development on or around a waterway has the potential to cause or aggravate flooding and it is essential that all forms of flooding are taken into consideration within any flood risk assessment or planning application.

Where there is insufficient information regarding any aspect of risk, the responsibility to investigate will lie with the applicant.

Further information can be found by searching ‘flooding’ on the environment agencies Website:


If you propose to do any work on, or near to, a watercourse, ditch or stream you will need Leicestershire County Councils consent to do so.

In the case of works being carried out without consent we will normally take action to see the ordinary watercourse is put back to the condition it was in beforehand. Work that is carried out without consent has the potential to increase flood risk to people and property.

Further information on the types of work/structure which require consent together with the application form can be found on their website:

Waterside living

Leicester, Leicestershire & Rutland Local Resilience Forum have produced a leaflet explaining the rights and responsibilities of a riparian owner (someone who owns land next to a watercourse or has a watercourse running through it). You can access this leaflet by following this link:

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