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Discharging planning conditions

Planning conditions are sometimes applied to a granted planning application to limit and control the way building works can be done.

These conditions may need further details to be submitted before you can start work. This is known as approval or 'discharge' of the conditions.

Approval of conditions and fees

When submitting this information you will also need to fill out an 'Approval of Conditions' application form and pay the relevant fee

The fee is per request, not per condition, so you may want to submit for several or all of the conditions in one go, so long as they are all from the same planning permission.

Your application must include all the details requested in your conditions. These could be materials, specifications, plans or a written statement detailing what has, or will be done to comply with the condition.

What happens next

If the matter is straightforward we should be able to give you a response in about three weeks. If we need to consult other people, it may take 8-12 weeks to respond. If we cannot confirm that the conditions are complied with within 12 weeks we will refund your fee.

If the details you provide are not what we asked for or not enough, we will inform you within 12 weeks that the conditions cannot be discharged. You would then have to resubmit new proposals for compliance with a further fee.

If changes are sought to details that have already been discharged (for example, a change in the type of brick or tile to be used in a development) then a further fee will be payable.

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