Below are the terms and conditions for using our pest control service for domestic rodent treatments.

Pest identification

For further information on the pests that may be present in your home or garden then you are advised to have a look at the BPCA website below or any other suitable websites.

We can only treat the pests listed on our website. The pest control officer must be able to confirm a pests’ presence before they can start any treatment. This is in accordance with the Codes of Practice on the Safe Use of Rodenticides and rodenticide product labels. They cannot just rely on your word that a rat or mouse is there, they need to confirm this themselves. For this reason, you are advised to keep any evidence of rat and mouse activity undisturbed, wherever possible. This will assist the pest control officer in identifying what is causing the problem, but also how effectively they can deal with it. If this cannot be left, then you are advised to take photographs and bag any droppings etc. for the pest control officer to see when they visit.

If this evidence is not available during the pest control officer’s visit and they are unable to confirm the pest’s presence, then will be unable to start any rodenticide treatment straightaway. Alternatively, they may leave non-toxic monitoring bait and/or cameras to help in identifying any pest that is present. However, this will delay any treatment for a further week.

If our pest control officers do not carry out a treatment, either because there is no pest identified or it is a something that we do not offer any treatment for, such as birds in your loft, then you will be offered a partial refund. This will be £20 if you paid in full and £10 if you paid the reduced price for an external rat treatment as you are in receipt of a specified benefit. This is because we have a call out / visit charge of £25 or £12.50 for a rat external treatment and you are in receipt of a specified benefit.

If a field mouse infestation is identified, then we can only offer trapping as a service.

Cost and payment

The cost of a rat or mouse treatment is £45 unless the main occupier is in receipt of a specified benefit (see below).

You must pay the full amount by credit or debit card at the time of booking or online by 4pm the day before the first visit.

Payment over the phone can be made by phoning 01509 634628 and online on our pest control service webpage.

Specified Income Related Benefits

Internal domestic rodent treatments are offered free of charge where the main occupier is in receipt of a specified income related benefits. External rat treatments are offered to those in receipt of a specified benefit at a 50% reduction £22.50.

The following benefits are included:

  • Housing Benefit
  • Council Tax Support
  • Income Support
  • Pension Credits
  • Jobseekers Allowance – Income Based (JSA-IB)
  • Employment and Support Allowance – Income Related (ESA-IR)
  • Universal Credits

We can check Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support benefits with your permission, but do not have access to check any of the others. If you wish to use this service free of charge, then the specified benefit, that you are in receipt of will be recorded on your service request. If you are in receipt of a specified benefit that we cannot check, then you will need to send a scanned copy or photograph with the benefit details for the person requesting the service and address before the first visit and ideally at the time of booking. These can be sent via email to

Preparing for your visit

If you are experiencing a problem, it is more than likely that your neighbours are also too. Before the visit could you please speak to your neighbours to see if they are also experiencing any problems. The pest control officer may wish to visit the neighbouring property as part of your treatment anyway and they will offer a survey visit free of charge if they consider it necessary for your treatment and the neighbours allow access. The pest control officer cannot require access if your neighbour refuses. If there is evidence that the neighbouring property may be contributing to the problem and they do not allow access or take any appropriate action themselves, then then this would need to be referred to another team for investigation and follow-up.


You will either be offered a morning or an afternoon slot on a weekday.

We do not offer timed appointment and the visits will occur either between 10 and 1 or 1.30 and 4.30pm.

A person who lives at the property and is over 18 years old must be in whilst the visit takes place.

The pest control officer will arrive in a Charnwood Borough Council identifiable van, with no reference to pest control on it. They will also have photo ID on them that they will be able to show you.

They will investigate the problem and try to confirm the presence of rodents and start treatment if applicable.

We can only treat the pest problem you have booked us for and once we have confirmed their presence. If we are unable to confirm a current rat or mice infestation, then the pest control officer may decide to carry out a further identification visit using non-toxic monitoring bait and / or cameras.

If rats or mice are not identified, or if it turns out to be something that we do not offer a service for e.g. birds then if you have paid for the treatment you will be charged a £25 visit charge and refund of £20 if paid in full, or a visit charge of £12.50 and refunded £10 if in receipt of a specified benefit.

Once rats or mice have been identified then we will discuss the treatment options available to you. We generally use rodenticides for the treatment of rats and mice. However, if field mice are identified then the only option that is available to use is humane traps, as rodenticides are not authorised for use on field mice.

You must abide by any safety instructions given to you. You must not touch or move any of the baiting locations. You must also inform us of the presence of any children, vulnerable adults or pets that may interfere with any baiting location.

We do not accept responsibility for loss, damage or injury to any pets, goods or equipment unless it was caused by our negligence.

Unboarded Lofts

Due to health and safety reasons our pest control officers are unable to access lofts that are not boarded. We can still however try and identify what is causing the noises from the area surrounding the loft hatch and we can use monitoring bait or camera to assist in this.


We may use wildlife cameras to take photos or short videos or rodent activity particularly in your loft space to try and identify what the problem may be. These will only be installed with your agreement and they only take images, not audio.

Information Sheet

You will be left with an information sheet at the time of the visit detailing any rodenticide used and the action to be taken in an emergency.


When using rodenticides then the pest control officer will need to revisit on the following frequencies:

Visit 2 - After 7 days

Visit 3 - After a further 2 weeks

Visit 4 - After a further 4 weeks, etc.

Further revisits using rodenticides will be carried out every 2-4 weeks depending on your infestation and the rodenticide being used, the pest control officer will explain this to you.

When using traps, the revisit frequency will be every 3-4 days. Although the pest control officer may be able to discuss with you options of checking these yourselves or other longer term solutions.

An adult must be present during all revisits.

Rodent Bodies

If you come across a dead rodent during the treatment, please double bag and place in your refuse bin.

The pest control officer will remove any that are retrievable during their visit (we will not lift floorboards etc), but more than likely the bodies are not found. Occasionally there may be an odour and flies associated with a dead rodent that cannot be found in a property, the advice is to open windows, use air fresheners and a flying insect spray until it stops.

Appointment Reminder Text

You will receive a reminder text the day before each visit, please do not reply to this text. If you need to contact the office on 01509 634628 or by emailing

Change the date of a visit

You can change the date of your visit by emailing or phoning us on 01509 634628.

You must change your booking by 4pm the day before your visit is due to take place. After 4pm you will need to cancel your visit instead and will not be entitled to a refund.

Although we may not always be able to stick to the revisits times prescribed, we will make all reasonable attempts to do this and we would appreciate your co-operation.

Cancelling a visit

You can cancel your appointment by emailing or by phoning us on 01509 634628.

You must cancel your booking by 4pm the day before your visit is due to take place. If you do it later than this or are not in when we arrive, then that visit will be classed as a charged visit (if it is a chargeable treatment).

Cancelling the Treatment

You can cancel the treatment before the first visit by emailing or by phoning 01509 634628. If we are notified by 4pm the day before the first visit, then you will receive a full refund of any charge.

If you cancel after 4pm the day before the first visit, then you will be charged the visit charge of £25 and refunded £20 if paid in full, or a charge of £12.50 and refund of £10 if in receipt of a specified benefit for a rat external service request.

You can cancel a treatment at any time, but If you wish to cancel during a treatment then you will not receive a refund. A further visit will need to take place to remove any baiting locations (this is a legal requirement). If this is not within your 4 visits, then the additional revisit charge is applicable.

If the visit cannot go ahead

You will still be charged for a visit that cannot go ahead because:

  • you or another person who lives at the property (who must be over 18 years old) is not in when we arrive
  • the door is not answered
  • you do not allow us to carry out the treatment
  • you have not completed the recommendations given to you at our last visit

If any of these reasons for a visit not being carried out occur on two or more occasions, then we may decide to end the treatment.

If we cannot attend

If we are delayed by an event outside of our control, we’ll contact you as soon as possible to let you know and take all the steps possible to minimise the delay.

We'll speak with you to arrange the next best possible date for us to visit if we’re unable to attend a visit due to:

  • bad weather
  • staff sickness
  • travel problems


You must carry out any recommendations that the pest control officer makes during the treatment process, if these are not carried out then we will review whether we are still able to treat at your property.

Is eradication guaranteed?

No, unfortunately we cannot guarantee that the problem will be eradicated. The pest control officers will try their best to identify any possible entry points but, in some cases, they are not always visible. They may be on your property; an adjoining property; or due to a drainage fault that is not easy to identify. The pest control officer will work through the possible reasons with you and recommend action where appropriate to do so.

When the problem is possibly coming from elsewhere the pest control officers will investigate this and pass on to any other relevant teams, when it is considered appropriate to do so.

If you still have a pest problem after treatment

If the pests return after the treatment has ended, you will need to contact us and if it is within 6 weeks of your last visit, we will carry out the first visit free of charge then continue with revisit charges. If the service request is after 6 weeks, then it will be treated as a new service request and charge if applicable.


We’ll refund you if:

You have paid for a treatment and cancel it before 4pm the day before it's due to take place (full amount).

We do not carry out a treatment – The refund will be £22.50 if paid in full and £10 for rat externals for those in receipt of a specified benefit.

How we'll refund you

We'll refund you by the method you used for payment, for example if you paid by a debit card, we will put your money back onto this card.

We’ll make refunds as soon as possible, but refunds must be made within 14 days of your request.

How we use your personal information

We’ll protect your personal information and use it in line with our Privacy Policy. We will share details of your treatment that has been carried out for enforcement purposes or when Charnwood Borough Council is the landlord.


You may be sent a customer satisfaction survey following the completion of your pest control treatment. We would appreciate your response.

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