Below is information for all elections that have taken place during 2023.

Borough and Parish and Town Elections

Results for the Borough and Parish/Town elections that took place on Thursday May 4, 2023 can be found below:

Borough election results

Parish and Town election results

Following the results of the local elections, the new political make-up of the Council is as follows:

  • 23 Conservative
  • 20 Labour
  • 8 Green Party
  • 1 Independent

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Cossington, Rearsby and South Croxton Parish Council Elections - June 22, 2023

An election for Parish Councillors for the Parish Wards listed below was due to take place on June 22, 2023:

  • Cossington Parish Council (Three Councillors)
  • Rearsby Parish Council (Four Councils)
  • South Croxton Parish Council (Four Councillors)

Notice of Uncontested Elections

The notice of uncontested elections for the Cossington, Rearsby and South Croxton Parish Council Elections can be found below:

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