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Emergency accommodation and general advice

If you are having difficulties with your current housing situation, and it is not possible for you to stay where you are, you may wish to consider privately renting or temporary accommodation such as hostels and shelters. 

Private rented accommodation

Find homes that are available for rent:

  • Local newspapers advertise lettings – your local library has copies that you can read
  • Try property websites like rightmove, Zoopla or homefinder – your local library provides free internet access
  • Some local shops and supermarkets may advertise homes for rent in their windows or notice boards
  • You could put up ‘Accommodation Wanted’ cards in shops and supermarkets

The government’s Rent a room scheme means owner-occupiers or renters could earn up to £7,500 tax free each year. We offer advice on rent and how this may affect tax or benefits, for those who have accommodation to rent.

Temporary and emergency accommodation

If you are unable to stay with family or friends and cannot secure any other accommodation, we recommend that you contact the appropriate Hostels in Charnwood and Leicester (PDF Document, 0.31 Mb) for a temporary place to live whilst you look for a more permanent housing solution. 

Wherever possible, we will try and prevent people from becoming homeless. If you would like to be referred to a supported accommodation scheme, contact the Housing Needs team on 01509 634 567. If successful, you may be offered accommodation or placed on a waiting list for a supported accommodation project.

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