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Report issues with empty homes

Empty homes not only lose income for the owner, they can also be a security and health and safety risk within the community.

Bringing empty homes back into use will improve local areas and help resolve issues of homelessness and overcrowding in the borough.

Charnwood's strategy for empty homes

Charnwood Borough Council has created a strategy to address the problems relating to empty homes within the borough.

Once a property has been empty for two years, the Private Housing Sector will contact the owners or agents to discuss all the possible options available to them to bring the property back in to use.

Complain about an empty property 

Contact Private Sector Housing on 01509 634 651 if you live next door to:   

  • An empty property that is a serious nuisance to neighbouring properties because there is a risk of the property suddenly collapsing
  • An empty property where there is a high risk of entry by, and danger, to intruders

Or use the link above to complain about an empty property online. 

Assistance for owners of empty homes

If your property has been empty for more than 6 months and needs some improvements before it can be let, we could offer you a Partnership Grant of up to £15,000 to make the property lettable. 

The grant covers 50% of the cost of works and the property must be available for rent after the work has been completed. 

For more information go to Grants for owner-occupiers

For more information on empty homes

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