Charnwood Borough Council receives around 10% of your total Council Tax bill - for a Band D property that’s about £131 for 2021/22 (around £2.50 a week).

The other 90% is collected on behalf of the County Council, police and fire services, and town and parish councils. We do also receive Government funding and generate some income.

As a Council, we:

  • Have redistributed around £43 million of Government funding to over 3,000 businesses during the pandemic
  • Set up Charnwood Community Action with partners to help people in need during the pandemic with food parcels, befriending and advice. CCA has delivered 20,000 food parcels
  • Support community projects, groups and venues with advice and grants
  • Look after 617 acres of open spaces including the Outwoods and Queen’s Park
  • Organise council meetings and support 52 councillors
  • Empty refuse and recycling bins over 4 million times a year
  • Keep residents informed via our website, email alerts, social media and the media
  • Operate Charnwood Museum which receives 40,000 visits a year
  • Investigate over 1,000 fly-tipping incidents a year
  • Investigate 1,400 noise and nuisance complaints a year
  • Operate two business centres – Ark and Oak in Loughborough and Sileby
  • Collect council tax and distribute various benefits
  • Run Loughborough and Shepshed Markets and manage town centre facilities
  • Operate a number of car parks across the borough
  • Operate a 24/7 CCTV system which monitors Loughborough and other areas
  • Provision of disabled facility grants, repair and partnership grants
  • Organise Loughborough Fair and the Loughborough Christmas Lights Switch-on 
  • Run Charnwood Big Switch, a collective energy switching scheme designed to help residents change suppliers and save money on their energy bills
  • Brought 219 empty homes back into use since April 2016
  • Manage a cemetery and we are developing a new one for Loughborough
  • Organise Public Health Funerals
  • Aquire properties to meet housing need through right to buy receipts
  • Deal with 2,500 applications for various planning and building control consents a year 
  • Empty dog bins, litter bins and clean hundreds of miles of streets
  • Provide 1,500 residents with advice and assistance on their housing options
  • Operate 3 leisure centres in Loughborough, Syston and Mountsorrel (over 1 million visits)
  • Manage Loughborough Town Hall with nearly 100,000 visits a year
  • Help 10,000 residents access physical activity programmes
  • Look after public safety through licensing of taxis, pubs and clubs
  • Support emergency responses such as flooding and open temporary shelters 
  • Organise elections involving hundreds of staff and tens of thousands of votes
  • Caravan site licensing and monitoring the management of sites

A downloadable leaflet of the above information can be viewed below:

View the Council Tax banding for the year of 2021/22.

Last updated: Thu 11th March, 2021 @ 13:35