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Footpath and bridleway diversion/stopping up orders

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Before a footpath or bridleway can be diverted you must obtain full planning permission. The application form should be completed and returned with the following:

  • Electronic application form
  • Application form in PDF format
  • An extract from the Ordnance Survey map showing the existing route and proposed alterations to the footpath/bridleway route. (Scale: 1:1250 or 1:2500)
  • A copy of the "full" planning permission decision.
  • A cheque for the initial payment of £1000 made payable to Charnwood Borough Council.
  • If you are not the owner of the land, you will need to send the written consent of the landowner

Follow this link for more information on Leicestershire County Council Footpath Diversions

How much does it cost?

An initial fee of £1000 is to be paid with the application to divert the footpath. This is retained if the application is withdrawn/rejected following informal consultation and first advertisement. A final payment of £2000 will be paid before the order is confirmed and certifies that the order is in place.

£500 is paid before submission to the Secretary of State if objections are received, with £200 for each additional path is paid where it is included in the same order.

Charnwood Borough Council will charge you £1,500 to cover administrative costs, legal advice, site visits, postage and printing plus £1500 to cover the cost of advertising per application.

The applicant must pay the council’s administrative and legal costs regardless of whether the application is successful.


We will only refund a charge where:

  • We  fail to confirm an unopposed Order.
  • Having received objections which have not been withdrawn, the Authority fails to submit the Order to the Secretary of State for confirmation, without the agreement of the person requesting the Order.
  • The Order is not confirmed by the Authority or on submission to the Secretary of State, by him, on the ground that it was invalidly made due to no fault of the applicant.

The applicant must make the request to have the charges refunded.

Current applications

The following list contains all the applications received by the Borough Council to divert or stop up public footpaths under the Town and Country Planning Act and which have not been confirmed.

  • Allsopp's Lane Loughborough

    Footpath No. K51

    Stage: Order confirmed on 27th November 2014, consultation period expires on the16th January 2015

  • North of Bradgate Road, Anstey

    Footpath No. J75
    Stage: Completed but no way markers

  • Byron Street, Loughborough

    Footpath No. K102
    Stage: Existing route is not accessible. Cannot proceed under Town and Country Planning Act

  • Rothley Lodge Farm, Rothley

    Footpath No. K23
    Stage: Only part-complete. Existing route not accessible. Can't proceed under Town and Country Planning Act

Follow this link for more information on Leicestershire County Council Footpath Diversions

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