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Garden waste service resumes

The garden waste service will return to fortnightly collections from Monday June 15. For more information, visit

We are still running a reduced service for the remaining two weeks up until June 12.

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Please put your garden waste bin out by 6am (this is regardless of what your usual collection day is) on the Monday of your collection week (see the list below).

We will endeavour to empty your garden waste bins as soon as possible, but it may take until the Friday of that week.

Please leave your bin out until it is emptied. 

If bins are too heavy they will not be emptied.

No garden side waste will be collected.

Due to the pressure on resources we will not be able to return for any missed bin collections. We apologise for this inconvenience, but our resources are still very limited and the time taken to return for a missed bin could mean many others are not emptied.

Week commencing Monday, June 1

  • Shepshed
  • East of Loughborough (list of streets)
  • Barrow
  • Cossington
  • Mountsorrel
  • Seagrave
  • Sileby

Week commencing Monday, June 8

  • Anstey
  • Cropston
  • Newtown Linford
  • Thurcaston
  • Barkby
  • Hamilton Lea
  • Beeby
  • East Goscote
  • Ratcliffe
  • Rearsby
  • South Croxton
  • Thrussington
  • Thurmaston

What if my subscription ended in March because the Council did not take my direct debit?

We will empty your garden bin as normal. We did not take any payments in April because it was not clear when the service would be restored. 

Will I get a refund?

We are offering customers who have been affected by the recent service disruption a £5 reduction on their next subscription as a gesture of goodwill.

We had initially stated that we would offer customers affected by the disruption an extension to their subscription. However, following further investigation it has become clear that extending permits would involve significant work to our back-office processes which as well as diverting limited resources to this task, would also take longer to implement than the current proposal.

Therefore, we feel the £5 gesture of goodwill is a more efficient solution.

What if my sticker is out of date?

If your subscription ran out in April we will empty your garden waste bin in May. If you have renewed your subscription, we will send out a new sticker to you once the first payment is taken. This can take up to 20 working days but during this time we will still enter your bins as long as you keep your outdated sticker on your bin until you receive a new one.

What happens if my subscription ran out in April (end of) and the Council did not take the automatic payments for a new subscription on May 1?

If your subscription was due to renew in April but the payments were not taken by the Council because of the service disruption, the Council is now planning to renew those subscriptions and take those payments by the end of May, 2020. Customers will receive notification of the Direct Debit collection date before then. Customers will be able to cancel their subscriptions in the usual way if they wish.

Are you accepting new customers yet?

Yes. Please use the form below to apply for the garden waste service.

Apply for the garden waste service

My neighbour has a subscription but doesn't have access to the internet. What can I do?

We are living in a digital age but appreciate that not everybody has access to the internet. We have publicised the latest schedule of collections in the local press and on local radio, but if you know of any neighbours who are subscribed to the service but may not be aware of when their collection is, please consider giving them a call or sending them a message, ensuring to keep a safe social distance. With your help, we can collect as many of our subscribers waste as possible.

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