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Garden waste service FAQs

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Our offices are now closed to the public so we would encourage you to access services and information through this website.

What happens when I move home?

Use this form to tell us if your address has changed, we can then update your information on our system.

Notify us you are moving home

Can anyone use the service?

This service is for householders not businesses.

All residential premises and properties within the Council’s administrative boundary assessed as suitable will be eligible for the Service. 

Do I have to join? 

No, the service is entirely optional. If you do not join the scheme, the Council will not collect your garden waste if it is left out for collection. 

How can I join the garden waste scheme?

You can join online at or by telephoning 01509 634563 (Mon-Fri 8.30am-5pm).

At the time of joining you will need to pay the full subscription fee by debit or credit card (credit cards incur an additional processing fee) which will provide you with a collection service for 12 months.

A brown bin and permit sticker will then be delivered to your property within 15 working days. If there is already a brown bin at the property, please let us know.

Alternatively you may like to compost your garden waste and you can get a compost bin from Leicestershire County Council or any garden centre. You can also take your garden waste to one of three tips in the borough.

What size is the bin?

We provide a 240-litre bin. We do not provide anything larger, but each property can have up to six bins. Each bin requires a paid subscription.

Where can I get a copy of the full terms and conditions? 

Copies of the full terms and conditions are available on the Council’s Garden Waste Collection Service web page  and can be provided in other languages and formats on request.


How much does it cost to have my garden waste collected?

The charge for the service is set out in the fees section of The Council’s Garden Waste Collection Service web page and is reviewed on an annual basis.

If you review the price will I have to pay extra if I’ve already subscribed?

You will only have to pay again when you renew your subscription. When you renew you will be charged whatever the relevant charge is in place at the time.

I have paid my subscription, when can I start using the service?

You can use the service as soon as you have a bin displaying a valid sticker / permit.

Once we have received your payment, a sticker will be sent out to you in the post to fix to your bin. If there is not a bin at your property, let us know when you place your order and we will also arrange for one to be delivered.

The whole process should take no more than 15 working days.

I have a large garden; can I have more than one bin?

Yes, you can have up to six bins but you will have to pay a full subscription charge for each one.

Can I have a discount for multiple bins?

No, you will need to pay the same fee for each additional bin.

When can I get the service?

Customers can request the service at any time. The subscription period will cover a total period of 12 months running from the beginning of the next whole month from receipt of cleared payment.

Customers should check the “My Location” section of the Charnwood Borough Council Website for the most up to date version of the collection calendar for their area. Customers may begin to use the service from the next scheduled collection day once they have a Wheeled Bin[s] displaying a valid permit.

How can I pay?

Payment involves one single payment for the full amount.  It is cheaper to pay by direct debit. Payment for the first years’ service can be made by debit/credit card online by visiting or by calling 01509 634563.

Can I pay in instalments?

No. The Council is charged each time a payment is made and it is not cost effective to split the payments.

I am on benefits - do I still have to pay? Are there any concessions? 

There are no concessionary rates.

What if I'm renting and / or am not responsible for the garden where I live?

Please tell the person responsible for your garden about the charge. They can then make the decision about whether to pay to have the garden waste from your property collected.

What’s to stop other people in the neighbourhood swapping my bin with theirs?

You will receive a sticker that you have paid for your garden waste bin to be emptied. Each sticker has a unique identifying number and the address is printed on the sticker.

Can I pay for someone else?

Yes. When you are ordering please specify the address where the garden waste bin is located. All correspondence will be sent to the address from where the garden waste collection will be made.

You can download the full list of FAQs below.


What do I do if I have a missed bin collection?

Unfortunately, on some occasions a bin may not be collected. This could be for a number of reasons. Before reporting a missed bin to us please check your bin collection day, and whether or not your bin has fallen into one of the categories below.

If missed bins are not reported within 48 hours, they will not be collected until the next scheduled collection date.

Find out my collection day

Your bin may have been missed for one of the following reasons. The council will not return for bins where:

  • The bin was too heavy
  • The bin was contaminated
  • Our crew could not access the bin
  • The bin was not out on time (by 6am)

If your bin was missed during our weekly collection, and it wasn't due to one of the reasons above, you can let us know by using the report button below.

Or contact our Environmental Services team on 01509 634563.

Report a missed bin collection using the link below:

Report a missed bin collection

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