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Going for Growth workshops

InCharnwood is running three Going for Growth workshops to help your business grow and achieve success.

The workshops are part of this year’s Leicester Business Festival. 

Marketing – Monday, October 23 

What are the marketing implications of growing your local business? Can you achieve growth with the marketing that has got you this far? How does getting the marketing right fit in with the other parts of your business both now and as you grow.

This workshop will help you understand the marketing basics when looking to grow your business and show how to make your marketing fix your growth plans.

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Operations – Wednesday, November 1

Is your local business fit to grow? What do you as a business owner need to consider when planning to grow your business? How big is too big, how much is too much for how you are operating now? How do you know what to focus on to grow your business?

This workshop will help you understand the internal impact on your business when you grow and also show what changes you need to consider and what the impact is on you as the business leader.

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Finance – Friday, November 3

Are you considering growing your local business? What do we mean by growing a business and is it right for you? What are the key questions you shoud be considering when looking at financing your business growth plans? This workshop will help you understand the key finance questions when looking to grow your business and help show what is the best finance for you and where you can go for that finance.

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