We are offering customers of the garden waste service who have been affected by the recent service disruption a £5 reduction on their next subscription as a gesture of goodwill.

That means for any Charnwood resident who had an active garden waste bin subscription in April 2020 we will give a £5 discount on your next subscription (per bin if you have more than one bin).

This is a gesture of goodwill to recognise that the service did not operate at all for a month from March 23, and a limited service has since been re-introduced.

The discount will be applied automatically for people who pay by direct debit when their subscription is due for renewal. For people who pay by any other means, it will be applied to your invoice automatically.

The service was stopped because of staff shortages due to the coronavirus pandemic and resources had to be focused on the refuse and recycling service. A limited service resumed on April 20.

We had initially stated that we would offer customers affected by the disruption an extension to their subscription.

However, following further investigation it has become clear that extending permits would involve significant work to our back-office processes which as well as diverting limited resources to this task, would also take longer to implement than the current proposal. Therefore, we feel the £5 gesture of goodwill is a more efficient solution.

It is also worth noting, our terms and conditions do not require us to offer any form of compensation in situations like this.

Once again, we would like to apologise for the inconvenience caused by the loss of service.

We would also like to thank customers for being understanding and supportive of our recycling and refuse workers who have themselves been fantastic throughout the pandemic.

Further details

  • If you had an active garden waste subscription in April 2020, then you will be given a £5 discount off your next subscription (per bin) as a gesture of goodwill. It will be automatically applied if you pay by direct debit or if you pay by cash or cheque, it will be applied to your invoice.
  • If you do not wish to re-subscribe, you will be offered a £5 refund. Please call 01509 634563.
  • If you subscribed in March 2020 and paid the full amount, we will contact you to tell you how you will receive your £5 refund.
  • If you do not re-subscribe, and do not claim a refund, we will not offer the discount to a future subscription
  • The £5 discount applies to people who pay by direct debit (normal charge for service is £40) or by any other means (normal charge for service is £45).

If you wish to speak to someone about this issue, please telephone 01509 634563.

Last updated: Fri 1st May, 2020 @ 14:23