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If Only fly-tipping campaign

If only fly-tipping campaign

A new campaign to stop people illegally dumping their rubbish in Leicestershire has launched.

Councils across the city and county have joined forces to warn people that they face hefty fines and a criminal record if they are caught fly-tipping.

We are fully supporting the campaign and all the information is contained on

One key aspect of the campaign is to make sure you are aware that it is your responsibility to know what happens to your waste.

If someone takes rubbish away for you and dumps it illegally, you could be the one who lands in court.

Read up on what we call duty of care.

Report fly-tipping in Charnwood

Request a bulky waste collection

Read more about fly-tipping

Check out our "Super fly-tipper" video. If the video won't play on your device, watch it on YouTube

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