With a population of over 171,000, Charnwood is one of the largest district councils in the country in terms of number of residents. 

The borough sits centrally between the three cities of Nottingham, Derby and Leicester, extending from the town of Loughborough in the north to the edge of Leicester to the south. 

Charnwood is easily accessible from the M1, the high speed rail link between Sheffield and London and the nearby East Midlands Airport.


Charnwood is a borough of contrasts and cultural diversity, from the bustle of urban life to rural tranquillity, providing a dynamic mix and making it an attractive place to live, work and visit.

Just over one third of the population live in the thriving university town of Loughborough; an important centre for business, commerce and retailing which also has a strong reputation for further and higher education and expertise in engineering, pharmaceuticals and (increasingly) in advanced technologies.

The remainder of the residents of Charnwood live in a broad mix of countryside, villages and towns that reflect a varied and thriving heritage.


Whilst Charnwood is relatively affluent there are pockets of deprivation where communities suffer from poor access to jobs, poor housing and lack of facilities. Recent work has identified areas of relatively higher need in Loughborough, Mountsorrel and South Charnwood.

Loughborough University has a continually growing international reputation for academic and sporting excellence. The 2012 Olympic Games furthered this reputation and Charnwood is proud of its sporting heritage with a number of Great Britain medal winners being based at Loughborough University.

About Charnwood Borough Council

Our 52 elected councillors represent 28 Wards, with elections taking place once every four years. Our constitution sets out how we operate, how decisions are made and the procedures which are followed to ensure that these are efficient, transparent and accountable to local people.

We have over 53full and part-time staff, the majority of whom are based in Loughborough at our Southfields offices. We provide most of the local government services across Charnwood alongside the County Council, although residents also receive services from town and parish councils.

We provide the following main services to our residents:

  • waste collection and recycling
  • street cleaning
  • environmental health (this includes pest control, food safety, licensing, health & safety)
  • sports and leisure facilities
  • arts and culture (museum, town hall, rural tours)
  • housing
  • town and country planning and building control
  • council tax and business rates collection
  • council tax and housing benefits
  • electoral services.

The County Council provides the following services:

  • schools
  • roads
  • libraries
  • country parks
  • social care (with the NHS).

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