Update, June 13: A report giving an update on the cemetery expansion will be considered by the Loughborough Area Committee on June 20. The report can be viewed on the committee web page and the meeting is open to the public.

We are currently looking at options to increase the amount of burial space in Loughborough.

The current cemetery in Leicester Road has space for around five years.

Earlier this year we commissioned a feasibility study to look at potential sites for burial space within the Council’s ownership.

The study identified five possible locations which were ranked in order of preference:

  1. Allendale Road, Loughborough

  2. Loughborough Road, Hathern

  3. Shelthorpe Golf Course, Loughborough

  4. Nanpanton Road, Loughborough

  5. Loughborough cemetery extension

The Council’s Cabinet had approved the preferred option of Allendale Road in October, subject to public consultation. That decision has now been reviewed and on November 16 Cabinet resolved: 

1. that further work is undertaken to appraise the sites for a cemetery in Loughborough (at Cabinet on December 14, this was amended to read: that further work is undertaken to appraise sites for a new cemetery in the Loughborough area)

2. that public consultation is undertaken on the viable options

3. that a further report be submitted to the Cabinet following consultation on the viable options setting out the preferred option

4. that the report of the Scrutiny Management Board be acknowledged. 

Our press release issued on November 17 may explain a bit more, but Cllr Jenny Bokor, lead member for Loughborough, said after the meeting: “We will run out of space at Loughborough Cemetery in around five years’ time so we need to find a solution soon as whatever we decide will take time to implement.

“We have been asked to look again at this decision and that is what we will do, but to be clear, all viable options remain on the table, not just the site off Allendale Road. We have always planned to consult the public, but we accept that some earlier notice should have been given. 

 “We will keep residents informed and there will be a full public consultation on any future proposals.”

Below are some FAQs about the project and links to some relevants documents. We will update this web page as the project progresses.


Why do we need more burial space in Loughborough? There are around 52 new burials a year at the current Loughborough Cemetery site which means the site has around five years of burial provision remaining. We need to find an area of land suitable for a cemetery sooner rather than later, so that when the time comes, we’re prepared.

Why not extend the current site? There is no room to expand. A developer has agreed to transfer some land to us under a section 106 agreement but recent studies have shown that the cost of making it suitable for burials is prohibitive against the short lifespan it may provide (10 years). It could possibly be used for cremations, but that will not solve the long-term issue about burials. Land further south is being developed for homes and in the past was unavailable to acquire due to its development potential.

Why have you not acted before? We were told in 2007 that there would be a need for more burial space. However, at the time the Burial Audit stated that based on current and future trends of burials, there was sufficient space for 25 years and the current site would not be full until 2032. Since then, burial rates have increased faster than expected and the information about the landscape, including the flood plain, has become clearer. We accept we could have acted earlier, but balancing priorities is always a difficult task for a council. We have five years to implement a solution.

Why was Allendale Road agreed as the preferred site for the cemetery without any public consultation? To be clear, an independent study recommended Allendale Road as the preferred site for a number of reasons as outlined in the report to Cabinet on October 19. Cabinet were asked to agree it as the preferred site subject to public consultation. It was not a final decision.

Why is the land at Allendale Road being considered if it has been identified as recreational land? The land at Allendale Road was transferred to the Council through a section 106 agreement as part of the housing development around it (P/00/2078/2) and the agreement includes a plan showing the site as being laid out with sports pitches. We accept this, but there is an overriding need for cemetery provision within the town and we believe we can mitigate the impact of putting a cemetery in Allendale Road by combining it with recreational facilities, for example play equipment and a junior sports pitch, and installing new screening in addition to the screening already there. We asked the feasibility study to only look at land within Council ownership or subject to being transferred as land in private ownership close to Loughborough is likely to be attractive for future housing development and therefore is prohibitively expensive (£1.1m per hectare).

Links to relevant documents 

Cabinet report October 19

Overview Scrutiny Group report for Cabinet October 19

Cabinet meeting October 19 minutes

Cabinet report November 16

Scrutiny Management Board November 14

Feasibility study (contained in Cabinet report October 19 from P13)

Cabinet meeting November 16 minutes

Cabinet meeting December 14 minutes

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