This consultation has now closed.

The Council is looking at options to increase burial provision in Loughborough as the existing cemetery is expected to reach capacity within four years.

The Council has investigated a number of possibilities and identified three viable options which will provide burial space for many years to come.

The three options are:

  1. Allendale Road
  2. Part of Shelthorpe Golf Course, Poplar Road
  3. Nanpantan Agricultural Land

Other options have been considered and investigated but discounted for a number of reasons.

More information about the proposals is available on this website. See the links on the right (or at the bottom if you're on a mobile device).

The Council held a consultation between August 8 and September 23, 2018.

Councillors will now consider a number of factors including the costs, technical aspects of developing each site, the consultation responses and other factors before making a decision on a preferred option.

To note, the Council does not have to provide burial spaces but believes it is the right thing to do for the borough. Alternatively, the Council could look to find a commercial operator or do nothing, leaving the prospect that Loughborough families will have to bury loved ones outside of the town.

The consultation has now closed.

Last updated: Mon 24th September, 2018 @ 09:21