We are looking at a number of ideas to develop Loughborough retail market over the next five-10 years, to make sure it continues to thrive in the future.

Loughborough market is popular with residents and visitors, and was crowned Best Large Outdoor Market in Britain at the NAMBA awards in January 2017.

With the growth of supermarkets and online shopping, it is important to ensure the market continues to be successful for years to come.

We’ve commissioned an independent review to look at how the market could be developed.

Ideas include:

  1. Make the market easier to access by an improved layout
    Review the layout with the traders to help make the stalls more accessible while ensuring the shop fronts visible
  2. Expand the existing market to create more space for traders
    Due to public demand we’re looking to incorporate an entertainment and street food area. This would be made possible by the newly pedestrianised area of the A6 which would allow the market to expand
  3. Create an entertainment area for live music and performances
    A new market layout would create space for an entertainment area for live performances
  4. Create a street food quarter to include outside seating for al fresco dining
    The new layout would also allow space for a street food quarter. This could include flexible by temporary seating, and protection from the elements such as parasols and heaters
  5. Extending the closing time of the market past 4pm
    The review gathered evidence of footfall in the market throughout the day. There is a rise of people in the town centre at 4pm and 5pm. A trial day of trading until 5.30 or 6pm could be worth testing and may make the market more accessible to people such as parents collecting children from school, college and university students, full-time employees and people who work in the shops in the town centre.

We are currently working with traders and town centre businesses to develop the ideas further.

The next steps will be to work with traders to explore the proposals and set up a working group to develop an action plan. 

If you are a trader on Loughborough market you will soon be receiving information on how you can get involved and offer feedback.

Read the Loughborough market review report (PDF Document, 11.43 Mb)

Last updated: Thu 24th January, 2019 @ 14:36