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Loughborough Masterplan: Character areas

The masterplan recognises across the town centre eight character areas and identifies opportunities and priorities for each area and how new development should respond to these.

Market Place

Market Place will remain the heart of the town but with an increasing programme of events and activities to animate the space

Any new building or building refurbishments should respect the area’s continuous building frontage and the town hall must remain as the area’s most prominent landmark

Baxter Gate / High Street

Baxter Gate / High Street is a lively mixed use quarter on the eastern edge of the town centre

New development should integrate with existing buildings and in the northern edge relate sensitively to the Church Gate conservation area. There is potential for a landmark building on the corner of Leicester Road and Jubilee Way to mark the southern entry to the town centre. This must be of superior architectural quality

Church Gate

Church Gate is Loughborough’s historic quarter and has a distinct character that must be respected through any new development

There are opportunities to increase connectivity with the town centre to the south.

Rushes / Derby Road

Rushes / Derby Road will be transformed into an attractive northern gateway to Loughborough.

New development along the edge of the Sainsbury’s site and Regent Retail Park will be encouraged. Any new development should take on an urban form and avoid the creation of large areas of parking that break up the townscapes.

Ashby Square/Market Street

Ashby Square / Market Street will become Loughborough’s creative quarter

The smaller scale nature of the buildings in the area offers opportunity for temporary uses, small business space and entrepreneurial activity that could appeal to students and graduates. They could include a street food market at the rear of Carillon Court shopping centre, pop-up shops in vacant units and temporary uses that promote connection between the town and university such as art exhibitions and spaces for lectures and talks.

Queen's Park

Queen’s Park will be better integrated into a green network for the town and access and use of the space will be increased

No new developments are envisaged, but the masterplan proposes improving access from Market Place and Devonshire Square.

Ward's End/Bedford Square

Ward’s End/Bedford Square could become Loughborough’s café quarter

There is the potential for this area to become a café/restaurant quarter over time and an improved public realm will help this. Greater use of upper floors should be encouraged and Devonshire Square/Granby Street car park offers an opportunity to develop a town centre residential or hotel development. There are proposals to reduce traffic flow, reorganise parking and give more space to pedestrians.


Woodgate will retain its employment function but with an increased residential population

The area has a mixed use of office, residential and civic functions (such as the Council’s Woodgate Chambers where meetings are held). There is potential for further residential development and the masterplan identifies part of the Southfield Road extension car park as a possible site, although some parking would be lost and have to be made up elsewhere.

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